ashley machine and tool historyAshley Machine & Tool Company was founded in 1945 and quickly established itself as a quality Tool and Die Machine Shop. By 1950, Ashley was serving such customers as the U.S. Navy Department and the American Chain and Cable Company.
In the 1960’s, Wipco Inc. and Nuco Inc. were established in West Wyoming. Wipco became a prime subcontractor for Grumman Aerospace, supplying parts for the A-6, EA-6B, EF-111, and the Lunar Modules. Nuco also produced catapult cylinder covers for the U.S. Navy carrier fleet.
In 1977, Ashley Machine & Tool added Boeing Military Airplane Company as a customer, producing parts for the 737-200. In 1978 Ashley added Sikorsky Aircraft as a customer, producing parts for the Black Hawk and CH-53E Helicopter. In 1979 Kaman Aerospace was added as a customer, and Ashley began producing parts for the F-14, and in 1981, the B-1 Bomber.
During the 1980’s, the defense industry declined sharply and Ashley Machine concentrated more on commercial aircraft programs, including the 737 and the 767.
In 1992, Ashley started manufacturing parts for the new C-17 cargo plane for Kaman Aerospace. In 1995, the commercial industry started to boom with Boeing’s 737 Next Generation airplane. From 1995 to 2003, Ashley Machine has manufactured long structured parts for the tail section of the 737 Next Generation airplanes. In 1996, Ashley began manufacturing center section capstrips for Northrop Grumman’s E-2C aircraft. These programs have greatly developed Ashley’s forming capabilities. In 1997, Ashley Machine took on a new customer – Cessna of Wichita, Kansas – manufacturing the stringers for the “Citation 10” jet aircraft. The Boeing 777
Program brought additional work to Ashley in 2003 followed by the Boeing 787 program in 2006. In 2013 Ashley began making stringers for the Boeing 767 Refueling Tanker.

In 2016 Ashley Machine acquired work from Fuji Heavy Industries (now Subaru) for the 777X and followed that up with 777. Most of these parts are Keel Chords.

• Currently Ashley Machine & Tool’s prime customers are Vought Aircraft, Kaman Aerospace, Northrop Grumman, GKN Aerospace, CPI Aerospace, and Goodrich Aerospace.

• Ashley has over 50,000 square feet of production facility with 43 employees.

• Product orders of any size can be developed, manufactured, and delivered to customers’ specifications. This capability, as well as the quality and pride in workmanship throughout the company is the mainstay of Ashley Machine & Tool Company.

• Capability of manufacturing and inspecting model based definition part (UG, CATIA)

• Ashley Machine & Tool is located 160 miles West of New York City, 200 miles North of Baltimore, 100 miles North of Philadelphia, and minutes from I-81, I-84, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.


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